Julianto answered all my questions.

Marcel felt guilty.

He had a bit of a cold last night.


Keep quiet.

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It's the first time I laugh this much.


Did you order something?

Just look at all these yachts. Take a gander at that trimaran.

I hardly ever see her anymore.


He wore old shoes.

That boy looks like you.

Gregor and Roberto are neighbors.

I should be making lunch.

This chair is broken.

Take care of him.

The new ambassador will push for a cease-fire to stop the killing.

That's real progress.

Pierre is one of Boston's most successful lawyers.

Take your hands off me.

I owe them for this.

Would you mind if I sit in?

He looks pale.

We don't always agree.

Be kind to the children.

He got an anonymous tip.

Rajarshi is living in a small apartment on Park Street.

Here it is.

During the Industrial Revolution, people worked 16 hours non-stop.

He is familiar with the subject.

Those children are cheerful.

Children should be taught not to tell lies.

They cancelled the festival.

May I speak with you?

Did you want to sit down?

Tao knows something's up.

The concert will take place in London this weekend.


That's just the way she is.


She managed to escape.

We need rules!

I take the book because I see it.

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I'll give it a try, but don't get your hopes up.

He steals stuff.

Society is divided.

Dan did some research on Linda.

I would like a week off with pay.


That was a really scary story.


I'm not happy with my job.

I'm supposed to do that.

Agriculture is developed in the most fertile lands of the region.

It must work.

A person's true value can't be seen by eyes.

At one time I knew chemistry as well as I knew mathematics.

Tomorrow is Father's Day.

I'm not doing that.

Which would you rather do, go swimming or play tennis?

Who knows Hu Jintao's birthday?

Dori went to look for you.

After the incident, our relationship underwent a sudden change.

Why must you call me at such ungodly hours?

Thousands of lives will be at stake if emergency food does not arrive there within a few days.

I ate a slice of watermelon.

Alex noticed Saumya was looking at John.

You need to do something about the leaky faucet.

The girl in a blue coat is my daughter.

The meaning of this letter is unclear.

I've been thinking a lot about you lately.

He prefers the country to the town.

He is taking an advanced course in Esperanto.

I don't see a problem.

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She answers us whenever we call her.


I intended to abandon everything to focus wholly on MARDEK, but I was finding it hard to stay interested and motivated.

Holly likes reading English literature.

I lent my pencil to him.

Do you have a house in Italy?

You have to snatch at happiness when you can.


The weather forecast tells us if it will rain or not.


Roberta told us he'd be waiting in front of the post office.

Keep Elias away from Jesus.

Were you able to talk to him?

Stephen tiptoed into the room.

I wonder what's wrong with the car.

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You could be lying.

Such a clunker!

Peggy has been trying to lower his expenses.

Waiter, please bring me another glass of beer.

None of this is very seductive.

Its potential influence cannot be overestimated.

I tried to pretend I was something I wasn't.

I'd like to see you again tomorrow.

I've never needed it.

Keep this lesson in mind.

I expected you to stay two months.


I'm afraid it's too late now.


He has a master's degree in mathematics.

An absorbing tale of adventure.

Please be careful not to overexert yourself.


You know what, Murthy, you're right.

He was in advance of his time.

I am going to my friend's house.

A man stole my purse.

You forgot your coat.

Eat fruits!

You're our best hope.

I think I like her.

Why do you think Carl said that?


Jef wrung the water out of his wet swimsuit.

Did you lie to me?

I have read every book in the library.

The operation had to be kept secret.

Do you like science-fiction movies?

For one thing he is lazy, for another he drinks.

Who's joking?

You're on your own.

There's no excuse for his delay.

World War II came to an end in the 20th year of the Showa era.

May I ask another question?


I am not excited any more than you are.

You must not keep in touch with him.

Doyle went in my place.

Lloyd pulled a small notebook from his pocket.

Whether it will rain or not, the game is going to be held.

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That was painful to watch.


I want to stress this point.

The amount of time spent asleep can vary from person to person.

I don't like being treated as a child.

I wanted to help her.

To maintain a friendship, there must be mutual affection.

I am commuting to university.

Todd told me about a place where I could eat for cheap.

What are you so happy about?

Lorraine swindled Lea out of all her savings.

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I'm really not up on recent TV shows.

Seize the opportunity that Brandy has given you.

You old moron! What do you understand?!

Children delight in comic books.

Explain to me why Gypsy isn't here.

Word is passing that the Prime Minister is seriously ill.

What's your favorite kind of meat?


I gave her no choice.


I'll shut the door.

Beverly knows best.

Geoffrey handed Winnie a pen.

Love is seeing her even in your dreams.

Although it was very late, he kept working.

Lou should definitely return.

It isn't worth the risk.


I bet you'll be a great father.

Leave town.

Jayant can't do all this work by himself.

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Thank you for saving us.


What'll grow in this soil?

We were very surprised.

I read the entire book.

It's really fun.

My son has gone to America to study medicine.

Enclose your resume in this envelope and submit it to the personnel department.

This afternoon I have English class for two hours and then two hours of Chinese.


Air is lighter than water.


When I came home, Reiner was studying.

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The Time Traveller devoted his attention to his dinner, and displayed the appetite of a tramp.

Norma is one of the richest men in town.

Are these all the same?

"No," he said in a determined manner.

Rand is the tallest in his family.

These are probably worth at least three hundred dollars.

I told the police everything I know.


I think you underestimate them.


They moved in recently.